Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting text manipulation actions to work in quicksilver

I'm always raving about Quicksilver and must do my own little tutorial soon, but for now, this post links to a very good introductory video.

However getting the text manipulation plugin can be an obscure process. I found that the following three steps worked for me.

1) In the quicksilver preferences under "General", select "Enable advanced features" (third tick box down)
2) Now select the "Extras" icon in the left-hand pane. The second option down is the "Application feature level". Select Beta (advanced may also work).
3) Restart quicksilver
4) Move to the plugins pain. At the bottom, to the left of the search box is a popup menu.
Select refresh list of plugins.

At last, your text appending should be available. Install it and have fun :).

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting man pages to work on Tiger

I only recently found out why when I execute,

>man man

I get the error, "No manual entry for man".

It's not because the manual pages aren't installed, but because for some reason the environment variable $MANPATH has been set by default without a sensible set of paths. To fix this problem simply add the following line to your .tcshrc file:

unsetenv $MANPATH

This will cause man to try to figure out sensible places to look for the manual pages.
For more info see the "Search path for manual pages" section of the man manpage.

This is based on my experience of Tiger with the developer tools installed. A friend reports that this problem isn't seen under OS X 10.3.
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