Saturday, August 12, 2006

Changing some default settings.

Here I cover some of the default settings that I've changed on my mac. These may not be to your taste!

System Preferences->Energy Saver:
Optimise for extended battery life when using the battery and performance when on the mains. This is of course for laptop users.

Auto hide the dock: Right-Click (CTRL+Click) the dock. Tick the bottom option.

For the following, open System Preferences:
Keyboard and Mouse-> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys (at bottom of box) -> change caps lock:
A bit idiosyncratic, but I don't use the caps key so it stops me hitting it by accident.

Keyboard and Mouse-> Keyboard -> tick the "use Fn key for F1-F12 hardware functions":
I've generally found it easier to have direct access to the function keys as apposed to single hit volume control.

In the spotlight search box type "CrashReportPrefs"
Select the application and turn on the developer option to get more info about crashes.
This can be useful if you're a developer.

To get rid of annoying HDD icon on desktop:
Open Finder, under Preferences->General->"Show these items on desktop" deselect HDD.


Blogger Colm said...

Auto hiding the dock is sometimes handy, sometimes annoying, I use Command+Option+D to put the dock into autohide mode when I feel I have to and then press the same combination again to restore it. That way you get the best of both worlds. The dock is handy on the screen because you see running progs and minimised docs...

3:20 PM  

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